Hark Vantage not only understands the importance of professional growth within a company, but also the importance of growth in one’s personal life.


The skills we teach reach beyond our four walls because we develop skills that apply to all aspects of life. We prepare our team with practical life skills that can be applied to creating relationships at work and with clients and customers, as well as personal relationships.


We are interested in candidates that don’t want a job, but instead want to build a career. We focus heavily on training our employees for roles and positions beyond entry-level. We promote solely from within, meaning if our employees are ambitious and driven, nothing can stop them from rising to the top.

We don’t want to hire someone who will stay at the Account Executive role; rather, we want someone who can excel beyond the starting positions and eventually run their own offices.


We will help our clients meet their most ambitious sales and marketing goals and crucial objectives by hiring exceptional professionals and providing proven sales and marketing strategies that get results.

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We believe that true success comes only when customers, clients and Entry Level Client Representatives all benefit together.


Not only do we each our entry-levels how to work one-on-one with our clients’ customers, but we also teach them how to teach the information they learn to others. By tailoring our teaching styles to fit each individual’s learning style, we are ensuring that our entry-level employees will learn the systems in ways that are most suitable for them. In addition to teaching the systems, we also teach all entry-levels how to replicate the lessons they are taught to be able to teach other entry-levels that start after them.

By continuing this teaching “ladder,” we are constantly adding new skills to the ones they have already learned. By stacking these skills on top of teach other, our employees are building a plethora of knowledge that they can use, even outside of the business.

We put a heavy focus on training and teaching everyone who works for us how to climb to management positions, and to also teach others how they can also climb to those positions.


At Hark Vantage, we understand that learning and developing is not “one size fits all.” Instead, we cater the training and development to the individual, instead of the individual catering to the training and development. We have set systems in place that make sure all new-hires will get the best training possible.


One way we do this is through DISC assessment. DISC assessment determines each individual’s personality and how they learn best. Some individuals are visual learners, others are auditory learners. Some individuals are motivated by a sports coaching style, and others are motivated through a softer cheerleader-like coaching style. Some even learn best by failing and learning at their own pace.


Another way is by teaching all team leaders situational leadership. Situational leadership explains the emotions and confidence someone will go through while learning new skills starting on their first day through the day they become an expert. It also explains how to best coach someone while they go through this process of learning new skills.


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