What do we do?

As an outsourced marketing company, our clients come to us to expand the market for them. Because we take the time to create personal and face-to-face relationships with their customers, we are able to form a bond and a sense of trust that other companies can’t offer. This approach of marketing has been proven to create long-lasting and loyal customers for our clients.

Why Hark Vantage?

We are different than the competition because we take the time to create these relationships with customers, we can, on average, get more customers for our clients than their traditional forms of marketing can draw in. We are able to answer questions that customers may have about our clients but may not necessarily know who to ask. By giving them someone to talk to and ask questions to, customers gain a sense of trust in not just us, but also our clients.

What do we look for?

We look for candidates who we can start at an entry-level position, but teach the necessary skills to help them rise to positions beyond that, including management positions. We look for someone who has a student mentality and is eager to learn all they can to help them grow, both professionally as well as personally. Self-motivated individuals who are eager to build their career are the types of candidates we want.